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What is UK PharmaScan?

UK PharmaScan is a database of information on new medicines, indications, and formulations in the pharmaceutical pipeline. It is the primary source of information used by all of the UK’s national horizon scanning organisations, NHS England and NHS Improvement to enable early engagement in planning and preparing the NHS for the introduction of new medicines, and to support faster NHS adoption. It is populated by companies on a confidential and secure platform.

Early engagement and NHS planning have been shown to improve the speed of medicines uptake. By regularly entering comprehensive information on pipeline medicines into UK PharmaScan, product developers ensure the NHS horizon scanning organisations have the information they need.

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Market access routes in England (PDF opens in new window or tab)
Market access routes in Scotland and Wales (PDF opens in new window or tab)

There is no charge for pharmaceutical companies to use UK PharmaScan.

Confidential and secure database

Data entered in UK PharmaScan are only accessible to the manufacturer, NHS England, NHS Improvement and horizon scanning organisations. Robust web security safeguards are in place and all organisations are covered by the confidentiality clauses in their signed User Agreements.

Why should pharmaceutical companies use UK PharmaScan?


The easiest way to communicate with UK horizon scanning organisations.

Market access

An essential first step to market access for medicines in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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Companies make one common submission to multiple organisations.