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An essential first step to market access for medicines

Resources - UK Pharmascan

Information leaflet

A brief overview of UK PharmaScan, what it is, who uses it and its key role in market access for medicines.

Read more about An Essential First Step to Market Access for Medicines (PDF opens in new window or tab)

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Overview presentation

A short PowerPoint presentation describing UK Pharmascan and its purpose.

View our overview presentation (PowerPoint)

User Agreements

Data Inputter (Pharmaceutical companies) and Data Accessor (Horizon scanning organisations) agreements.

Examples of both agreements are provided.

Data Inputter Agreement (PDF opens in new window or tab)
Data Accessor Agreement (PDF opens in new window or tab)

User manual

Step-by-step instructions on all aspects of UK PharmaScan from gaining access, to entering and updating records, to management of users.

User manual (Word doc)

Product template

A template of a UK PharmaScan record, including all the required fields with supporting guidance notes.

Product template

Training videos

How to register a company

This video shows how to register a company with UK PharmaScan.

How to register a user

This video shows how to register a user with UK PharmaScan.

Managing users

This video shows how a champion user can manage user accounts for their company in UK PharmaScan.

Managing company details

This video shows how a champion user can manage their company’s details in UK PharmaScan.

Navigating the site before logging in

This video gives an overview of the key sections of the site that are accessible to anyone.

How to log into the site

This video shows how to log into UK PharmaScan.

Pharmascan Training Playlist

Follow this link to access more training videos from the UK PharmaScan playlist on YouTube

NICE Advice

NICE Advice is a support service for pharmaceutical and health-tech companies seeking to enter the NHS market.

As the NHS in England’s health technology assessment body, NICE is uniquely placed to help life sciences companies demonstrate the value of their product effectively.

NICE Advice provides accurate and reliable scientific and strategic advice, education, and NHS insights. It aims to help companies successfully navigate their route to the NHS market, so that patients gain access to the best treatments and care.

Find out more about NICE Advice

NICE Advice

QA criteria

The quality assurance criteria used by the UK PharmaScan Team when reviewing a submitted record prior to making the record accessible to horizon scanning organisations.

QA criteria (Word doc)

Skeleton SOP

A helpful outline of the potential process and procedures for the management of UK PharmaScan internally within your pharmaceutical company.

Skeleton SOP

Case studies

Examples of how UK PharmaScan is managed within companies, including details of internal processes and policies.

Case studies (PDF opens in new window or tab)